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Bell Schedule

Door bag check duty:  7:40 – 8:00

8th Grade South Lobby:

7th Grade Room W-05: 

6th Grade South Lobby: 



1st hour   8th Elective       8:05 - 8:54 (59 min)  


2nd hour   6th Elective      8:57 - 9:57 (60 min)  BREAFAST IN SECOND PERIOD..SEE NOTE BELOW


3rd hour   7th Elective      10:00 - 10:50 (50 min)


4th hour   Elective Plan                   10:53 - 11:43 (50 min)


LUNCH FOR ALL 11:45 – 12:15 (30 min they will stay in 4th hour, so there will actually be that extra 2      min for transition that is not needed)


5th hour    8th Elective     12:18 - 1:08 (50 min)


6th hour     6th Elective       1:11 – 2:01 (50min)


7th hour    7th Elective        2:04 - 2:55 (51 min)




6th grade students will go through cafeteria line at 8:54 AM and proceed to second period. Breakfast will be delivered to 7th and 8th grade at the beginning of second period. Teachers will document the lunch in Infinite Campus under STUDENT SERVE. If a student states that he/she can’t wait to eat, he/she will be invited to the cafeteria during zero period.


Lunch—Students will go through lunch line at the indicated times found below. Meals will not be delivered. Students will consume meal in their 4th period class.


11:35 Lunch—6th

11:45 Lunch—7th

11:55 lunch—8th