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Posted Date: 10/23/2020


CMS Family;

Because we are doing everything in our power to follow social distancing practices, our return-to-school orientation will look different than it has in the past. The difference is that we omitted a few activities that have been essential components to ‘traditional’ orientation. One omitted component is the principals’ and counselors’ address to parents and students. During the address, information about lunch, attendance, behavior, Oklahoma Promise, clubs, athletics, and organizations, to name a few, is shared.

To mitigate this omission, an outline that communicates several key points, not explicitly addressed during this year’s orientation, is provided below. To be clear, the outline is not extensive and lacks in depth explanation in a few areas.

Therefore, if you require clarification on any aspect of the outline, we—CMS Family—are available to you.


Respectfully submitted,

Jerrold Jones






Open House Notes

  1. Central Webpage==
  3. Lunch Applications at: Go to 
    1. select Department tab
    2. select Child Nutrition
    3. Choose Free/Reduced Lunch Instructions or Child Nutrition Information
  4. Keep contact information up-to-date: CMS will send texts occasionally.
  5. Drop Off/Pick Up student: West Circle Drive or East parking lot area
  6. Common Concerns
    1. Computer Check out and expectations (we want all computers distributed by August 28th)
    2. Behavior (Mutual Respect, Public Face—Aware of surroundings)
    3. We will do everything possible to mitigate school disruptions.
    4. Dress code: Uniforms are not mandatory. Please follow LPS dress code which can be found under the STUDENTS tab at  
  7. You should have received: Title One Manual and Student Schedule