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Welcome to Central Middle School! Our goal is the development and enhancement of knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary to participate effectively in a technologically orientated society. In order to meet this goal, we offer numerous courses. CMS is unique in that, although it is the newest built middle school within the Lawton Public School District, it has a one hundred year tradition of excellence in education. Previously located at 809 C Avenue, the original building offers a history that developed in concert with the growth and values of Southwest Oklahoma and the city of Lawton.

Recognition of Central’s contributions to the area garnered its placement in the National Register of Historic Places as of February 1997. Lawton voters approved a 1999 bond issue to allow construction of a new site at its current location. After extensive renovations and a newly refurbished dome by the City of Lawton, the old building has become Lawton City Hall and will continue to serve the community for the foreseeable future.

The CMS Library is at the very heart of Central Middle School. Located right off the Cougar Plaza, students enjoy the vast selection of books and magazines that are available for checkout.

With over 15,000 current, interesting and award winning titles to choose from, students utilize our services on a daily basis. Monthly circulation of books continues to grow but at present, we average over 2500 books checked out per month.

Twenty five student computers are also available for doing library catalog searches, internet research, and word processing. The LPS Media Center provides a filtering device so that only appropriate websites may be accessed and viewed on all computers. Teachers and Parents also utilize the professional section which is housed in the Reference Section.

Board approves LPS Mask Policy ECAA

Board approves LPS Mask Policy ECAA

Lawton Public School Board of Education (BOE) members passed policy ECAA (Face Masks) at the Aug. 3 Regular BOE meeting.  The policy reads as follows and can be viewed by clicking the above . . .

Posted Date: 08/07/2020

Aug. 21 Open House/Meet & Greet

Aug. 21 Open House/Meet & Greet

Each school will share their schedule for the 21st. Only the student attending the school and one adult will be allowed in the building during the scheduled time. . . .

Posted Date: 08/06/2020

LPS Return to Learn UPDATE

LPS Return to Learn UPDATE

LPS Families,  Please click the link below to see our Return to Learn updates to include the Traditional and Virtual education options. The webpage also contains the “ONLINE Check-In” form for new . . .

Posted Date: 07/28/2020