Sixth Grade

Sixth Grade

October 30, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Thank you for supporting us thus far in the school year.  It takes a team to be successful with our children.  The recent ice storm provided insight into things that we need to touch base on with our students and our parents/guardians.  Please note, we want to be on the same page in case we experience a similar situation in the future.  This note provides guidelines and expectations to consider during virtual learning. .

  • If your child is absent (whether due to sickness, vacation, storms, etc), he/she is required to check Google Classroom for each teacher.  The teacher is required to post assignments on a regular basis so that students can keep up when not physically at school.

  • Parents should check emails and/or text messages for updates from teachers.  Many teachers use the Remind app and the district pushes out text messages as well.  Use this to help keep up with school/class related information.  If you are not signed up for those messages, information will be provided for that at the end of this note.  You can also check the school webpage (6th grade section) or FaceBook as well. 

  • Lawton Public Schools no longer has SNOW DAYS.   If for some reason in-person school is canceled, we will move to a VIRTUAL DAY.  That means that teachers will post lessons online for students to complete.  Classes will continue learning and teachers will be available.

  • During VIRTUAL DAYS, teachers will be available during normal school hours.  If you or your child need to contact a teacher, please email or use the Remind app.  Office hours are 8:00 AM until 3:00 PM.  You should get a response in a timely manner as it remains a work day for teachers.

  • Your child is to log on to Google Classroom and check in with a simple post (here/present) which will give us a time for documentation purposes.  He/she should do that for each class as work begins.  Most teachers post the work for all classes at the same time but students may work at their own pace when working virtually.  The main goal… complete all work posted.

  • When contacting a teacher via email, please remember proper etiquette.  We request students practice email etiquette at all times as we are preparing Career Bound Citizens.  Email/Remind app is one of the best ways to contact a teacher as it comes directly to him/her.

  • Some teachers will hold zoom meetings for virtual learning.  The information will be posted on their Google Classroom.  Students are to enter the meeting in a proper manner as expected in the classroom as well.  There are many features available on the program to communicate but order must be maintained.  All students will be muted unless speaking/responding to the teacher.  Attendance will be taken for meetings, as well, for another form of documentation.

Thank you for taking the time to invest in your child’s education.  We want to make the rest of the year a smooth time for everyone.  If you have any questions/comments, please don’t hesitate to contact someone.  We are in this together and want to make it successful for all involved.  We are a family… A COUGAR FAMILY.


6th Grade Groovy Beatles Team

Contact Information

Sixth Grade Principal: Ms. Hardeman

Sixth Grade Counselor: Ms. Bailey

Language Arts: Mrs. Krusinsky

Science: Mrs. Johns

Math: Mrs. Welter

Reading: Ms. Whiteman

Reading: Mrs. Hernandez

World Studies: Mr. Anderson

Co-Teacher: Ms. Bimber

Co-Teacher: Mr. Robertson

Co-Teacher: Mrs. Resler

School Phone Number 580-355-8544

Remind App Messages

Please sign up for messages from each teacher by texting 81010 with the message:

@lkrusin for Mrs. Krusinsky

@whiteman6 for Ms. Whiteman

@eggf44 for Mrs. Welter

@kk3969 for Mrs. Johns

Sixth Grade Photo

Sixth Grade Photo